I started working with Lefit in 2010 as I was looking for Architects to expand my team in a specific Telecom domain. Lefit came with very good candidates from abroad but due to re—organization we had to cancel the recruitment. Lefit is working no cure – no pay so although they did lose money on us they stayed in regular contact and invested in learning to know our organization and culture better.

In 2013 we decided at Ericsson The Netherlands to explore opportunities outside our Telecom domain. We needed experts from domains like Automotive, Transport, Maritime, Logistics, Energy. Lefit has a high quality people network, is investing in the personal relation, knows the market and is using the latest technologies. Lefit did all the pre-work; hunting the global market, gathering and reviewing CV’s, interviews and presented to me only the candidates that would be a right fit from both domain knowledge as cultural fit. For all the candidates I hired I just needed one interview. Very efficient!

In 2016 Lefit has organized for us an Employability program. Employees where challenged with homework and in multiple personal coaching sessions to think about their professional career (inside or outside Ericsson). All participants perceived Lefit as personal, upright interested in the employee and very professional.

In 2019 I have dismantled my team in the Netherlands. To prepare my team members including myself for the labor market Lefit organized workshops about creating a great CV and how to make maximum use of Linked IN. Follow up has been done on individual level: Finalizing CV, Linked In, job interview training and coaching.

Participants perceived Lefit as persistent (who am I – where am I good at – what do I want). So Lefit not helping to find “just another job” but helping them to make the next step in their career.

For me Lefit is a competent, trusted and loyal partner that keeps investing in the personal relation.

Jou Inhoud Komt Hier